2012 London Summer Olympic Games (Great-Britain)

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London 2012 Olympic Summer Games, from 07/27 to 08/12/2012

Day – 2 – 25 July

Well arrived at Heathrow where the passage of the customs was carried out without mishap. It’s with Claude, came to welcome me, that we reach our apartment. After leaving my luggage, we leave immediately to the London Media Center to recover my accreditation. An Oyster card with Olympic colors is offered, which will allow me to circulate probably until the end of the games. Claude will return to register tomorrow. We then go to Stradford where we do some pin trading near the Olympic Village. There are several Athlete Host Ceremonies, even if we do not see anything, we hear perfectly the national anthems. We eat on the spot before taking the metro to return to the apartment to do some supplies at Sainsbury’s, a shopping center nearby.

2012 London Olympic Games 07/25

Day – 1 – 26 July

After a good night, departure to the London Media Center to try to do the accreditation of Claude. Marc H. joins us. Claude will not have his accreditation, at least not today. We leave in direction of Stradford, accompanied by Marc H. Arrived on the spot, direction the small shop Samsung where we recover some pins before continuing towards Stradford Inernational where are the collectors of pins. We find Irina there. We leave to the Westfield shopping center, where we eat a piece. Back downtown, we stop at Trafalgar Square to go to Canada House. We are welcome, but can not enter, it is not yet open to the public. We continue a little further to the house of Monaco, which is not more open to the public. We leave and go to Hyde Park where we discover the pin trading center. We find some collectors there. We stay an hour before going back to the apartment to change us. We have an opening night at Club France tonight. We go to the Club France located on the banks of the Thames in an old fish market. We need to do a tail nearly an hour before entering the club. It’s huge, a special evening is organized live with France 2. Many athletes, retired or still in business succeed at the microphone presenter, such as Marie-Jo Perec Laura Flessel Richard Dacoury Jackson Richardson. We get some goodies. The evening ends and we go.

2012 London Olympic Games 07/26

Day 0 – Opening Ceremony – 27 July

I go to the Russian house for which I obtained a media accreditation. I take the metro to go to Kensigton Gardens, after making a grand tour, passing the Russian embassy, ​​I finally find Russia Park. My name is on the list of media and I enter without problem, the accreditation is not yet issued, the security guard forgets to search my bag! After a short wait, the Sochi Park Opening ceremony begins. A small opening performance followed by the presentation of the President of the Russian Olympic Committee, the Minister of Sport and the President of Sochi 2014. Then many former Russian Olympic medalists come to join the delegation.  I join Claude a little later at Hyde Park before leaving with him to welcome Pascal who is waiting for us in Victoria. We reach the apartment taking Marc H. in the passage. We are going to town to try to see the Opening Ceremony on a giant screen at the Swiss house, but too many people. We end up going back to the apartment where we look at the end of the Ceremony on the computer!

2012 London Olympic Games 07/27

Day 1 – 28 July

Claude and Pascal leave for the Olympic Park. I will join them later, I have to go through the Club France to see Marc BOUCHER and eventually Florence Masnada. After Club France, I join Claude and Pascal at the Olympic Park. I take the subway to West Ham, from there it is possible to reach the stadium on foot. I’m looking for the Coca-Cola center pin trading, I see it. I see the guys at a table exposing their pins, I join them and installs myself. At 7 PM, I leave the pin’s trading to join the Aquatic Center nearby. No French runs in the semi-finals or finals offered. I’m a little too far to really enjoy the show. I go back to the apartment where I find the guys.

2012 London Olympic Games 07/28

Day 2 – 29 July

Passage through the house of Monaco where we are very warmly received by Elisabeth Ritter-Moati, venue administrator for the duration of the Games. Prince Albert exhibits his collection of summer torches, this exhibition is open to the public from 10AM to 7PM every day, you can discover the last torch of London 2012 and other much older beautifully highlighted. The Monaco House is located at 18-22 Haymarket, very close to Trafalgar Square, metro Piccadilly Circus. Then we head for the home of Canada, nearby. Also welcomed with open arms, I enjoy a media accreditation allowing us to return. We come out with some extra pins in our pockets. Then we go to the Olympic Park, not without a quick stop at the Samsung booth to get some pins. After a light lunch, we go to the park to join Pascal already installed. Claude takes his round, while I took the opportunity to explore the rest of the park that I have not had time to do before. At the end of the visit, the rain begins to fall, I accelerate to shelter and reintegrate trading pins where I settle at my table. A little later, NBC TV Los Angeles arrives to film us followed by Reuters. It starts to rain again, I wait for the lull before returning to the apartment.

2012 London Olympic Games 07/29

Day 3 – 30 July

We go to Olympic Park and to the Coca-Cola pin trading center to book our tables.A little later, a friend, member AFCOS, joins us. After my trading session, Marc H. joins me, we go together to table tennis to find Christophe, an other friend. We arrive on time and find Christophe who is waiting for us patiently. In the site, we are very well placed in the middle of the stadium with a perfect view of the 4 tables in front of us. Marc H. introduces us to the Beijing 2008 Olympic champion who supports his partners. Marc H., a keen table tennis player and participant in numerous international events, knows all the players in the running and presents them with their qualities and their faults. He comments on the matches as we go along, it’s very interesting. We attend a very spectacular session, it is true that the game is very varied. The top 2 ranked players are Chinese and play in front of us, they both win their match. There are still Europeans in the running, even if the eliminations are intense.These are the 8th finals. At half-time we leave the room and go to visit the temporary exhibition table tennis rackets with old which I ignored the existence. Then we resume the course of the session. At the end we all leave together at the apartment. We eat together before we separate at 1am.

2012 London Olympic Games 07/30

Day 4 – 31 July

In the late morning, I go with my two friends to Earl’s Court, volleyball site. We arrive early to quietly have time to explore the site after entering. The hall is not new and has been rehabilitated for the London Games, but we are well placed to watch the matches to follow. While waiting for the previous session to end, we move around the room. pectators are on the floor in front of a giant screen, others are lining up to take a photo with the Olympic torch. We will settle in our seats, the first match opposes Italy to Argentina, it is Italy that wins. The next match is USA against Germany, but I have to leave a little earlier to not miss the scheduled rendezvous as a media with the BT Tower. BT executives receive the media to spread their information. Arriving in the tower, not open to the public, I receive a name badge and I spend Security. Then we wait at the ground floor in front of a wall of images. We then climb to the top of the tower, 35 floors higher with a very fast elevator. Arriving we discover a 360 ° panorama that overlooks the entire city of London. In the distance, although the weather is a little overcast and foggy, we see the Olympic Park site, but also the EDF London EYE wheel, the Wembley Stadium, it’s Fantastic! After a few minutes, Sir Michael Rake, CEO of BT us a short speech followed by Kelly Holmes, a former Olympic champion in the 800m and 1500m. All this is followed by a cocktail, excellent wine and very fine appetizers! The tower turns on itself. I sit in a comfortable chair and without the need to move I discover the breathtaking panorama of London.

2012 London Olympic Games 07/31

Day 5 – 1st August

Day 6 – 2 August

Day 7 – 3 August

Day 8 – 4 August

Day 9 – 5 August

Day 10 – 6 August

Day 11 – 7 August

Day 12 – 8 August

Day 13 – 9 August

Day 14 – 10 August

Day 15 – 11 August

Day 16 – Closing Ceremony – 12 August

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