Olympic Memorabilia’s Collections

This personal website presents different collections related to the Olympic Games.

1992 Albertville winner medal recto olympic memorabilia

1992 Albertville winner medal recto

The story began with the one concerning the Albertville 1992 pins. Currently I have 3014 pins in this collection. But over time, I have integrated other collection themes, always in relation with Olympism, variously addressed. Therefore, you’ll find participant medals, IOC sessions badges, entry tickets, daily programs and mascots since the revival of the Olympic Games in Athens in 1896 until today.
For any collector, the search for new pins or new pieces is never-ending. You will find a list of pins that are still missing in my collection, and a list of various olympic memorabilia. Do not hesitate to contact me with an image if you think you have something that I do not know.
A great way to grow a collection is through trading, or even purchasing. See my duplicate section, “Doubles“, and perhaps you will something that you are missing and we discuss a trade or a sell. There are : all several Olympic themes including pins, medals, tickets, programs, mascots and posters.

1992 Albertville winner medal verso olympic memorabilia

1992 Albertville winner medal verso

The heading “Ads” is open to all collectors of pins or other Olympic memorabilia. It will allow you to trade, buy, sell or ask a question to the community. If you searching for accommodations during the Games or if you can offer one, you have a place here too. Information concerning the Olympic collector fairs (international), yard sales (regional), pins fairs, dates of the next Games or Collector’s Clubs will be listed. The latest updates on my collections appear under the name “news”.

1992 Albertville Torch olympic memorabilia by P. Starck

1992 Albertville torch by P. Starck

Some articles concerning the collection and the history of Olympic pins will be available online.
Photos of my trips to the past Olympic Games and Olympic Collector Fairs are visible, notably my daily chronicles written from Athens 2004 to now.

Have fun!