Olympic and Sport library

Olympic and Sport Library

Books or literature available for sale in sports and Olympism themes, the price indicated does not take into account the shipping costs to be expected in addition. Most of these books are available in a single copy.

1936 Berlin volume 2






Berlin 1936, volume 2, good used condition, complete, in German, 165 pages, 15 €

A century of the International Olympic Committee





A century of International Olympic Committee in 3 volumes, under blister, new, in French, 80 €

Creating the cauldron Salt Lake City 2002









Creating the cauldron Salt Lake City 2002, new, in english, 108 pages, 20 €

The french olympic heroes









French Olympic heroes, from 1896 to 2010, new, in French, 237 pages, 7 €

Olympic charter 2015









Olympic charter, 2015 edition, french version, 107 pages, 8 €

Geronimo Stilton enigma at the Olympic Games









Geronimo Stilton, enigma at the Olympic Games, from 8 years old, new, in French, 211 pages, 5 €