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You will find here, the pieces added in double (new doubles) over the last months :

new doubles

November 2020

Tickets : Grenoble 1968 ice hockey 02/12/1938 and 02/17/1968, guests access card speed skating 1500 m women, final slalom men and bobsleigh, parking tickets ORTF and Chamrousse, Philips “First fruits of the Exploit” and Brun (biscuits) cocktail invitations.
Programs : Grenoble 1968 olympic daily programs 02/15, 02/17-18 and 02/18.

October 2020

Pins added on French and foreign sport federations

September 2020

Creation of olympic generic pins
Pins added on sport cars
Pins added on animals
Pins added on

August 2020

Creation of double IOC session badges page

March 2020

Pins added on PyeongChang 2018 : sponsor Coca-Cola VIP puzzle Soohorang mascot

February 2020

Tickets : Paris 1900 entrance ticket to world exposition, Melbourne 1956 boxing, football

January 2020

Tickets : PyeongChang 2018 closing ceremony, Grenoble 1968 speed skating 1500 m men, special slalom Chamrousse (Jean-Claude Killy gold medalist)

December 2019

Pins added on Nagano 1998
Pins added on Comics doubles Snoopy
Pins added on Comics doubles Saggay

November 2019

Pins added on Paris 2024

September 2019

Programs : Los Angeles 1932 daily
Tickets : London 1948 athletics, Rio 2016 closing ceremony
Mascot : Tokyo 2020 Miraitowa
Medals : Paris 1900 winner medal silvered bronze “Concours de tir”, Pierre de Coubertin athletics medal
Pins added on Tokyo 2020
Pins added on Paris 2024
Pins added on Prior 1992 : Summer Olympic Games

May 2019

Documents added on Summer olympic games programs
Documents added on Winter olympic games programs
Albertville 1992 media pin, Le Matin added
French and foreign sport federations doubles, pins added
NOC (National Olympic Committees), pins added
Bid cities, pins added
Creation of double pins page Paris 2024

March 2019

Creation of double pins page Beijing 2022
Rio 2016, pins added

February 2019

Bid cities, pins added
Creation of double pins page Tokyo 2020
PyeongChang 2018, pins added
Rio 2016, pins added
Lake Placid 1980, participant medal added

October 2017

Barcelona 1992, olympic tickets

September 2017

Bid cities pins, Lille 2004 and Roma 2024, Squaw Valley 1960, closing ceremony ticket

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