1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games

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1998 Nagano (Japan)

XVIIIth Winter Olympic Games from 02/07 to 02/22/1998

Day 7 – February 13

Arriving in Narita Airport, Tokyo, I take the express train to arrive at 1998 Nagano station, decorated with the colors of the Games. The station is crowded, an orchestra is installed. I head for the Zenkoji temple which is located near the youth hostel where I have to stay. I settle in the dormitory of futons that is dedicated to me. Then I go out into town to get acquainted with the place.

Day 9 – February 15

Go to biathlon. I take a train from Nagano station which brings me to Togari from where I join the biathlon site. It is the race of the women 7,5 km. Our French are not on the podium at the finish. Back in Nagano, the crowd is compact on the main street, near Central Square where the medal presentation takes place, 2 Japanese on the podium of the 120 m skijumping.

Day 10 – February 16

Day at the trading pins Coca-Cola center in 1998 Nagano.

Day 11 – February 17

Day behind Nagano station, place of resale of event tickets. I find many collectors of pins.

Day 12 – February 18

Day at the trading pins Coca-Cola center.

Day 13 – February 19

Back at the biathlon site Nosawa-Gusen, to attend the 4 x 7.5 km relay for women and support the French women who will finish at the 8th place.

Day 15 – February 21

Go to Spiral, the site of the bobsleigh and luge. Before the race, skeleton demonstration. Then the riders succeed in bob 4, the team of France gets a bronze medal. Monaco and his prince are racing.

Day 16 – Closing ceremony – February 22

An impressive queue was set up at the door of the Coca-Cola trading center. Japanese, installed since 6am, waiting patiently to get the last pin of the day, 5:30 waiting!

1998 Nagano - Olympic Games - from 02/07 to 02/22/1998

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