2005 Paris : 117th IOC session (Singapor)

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2005 Paris (France), 07/06/2005

Result for the awarding of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games at the 117th IOC Session in Singapore

2012 Paris, quit or double! On the occasion of the election of the organizing city of the Olympic Games for 2012, I decided to go to 2005 Paris in order to attend live the result of the votes on the forecourt of the town hall. Arrival around 11am, the place is surrounded by television transmission trucks from all countries. Spectators are already installed in front of the two giant screens located on either side of the entrance of the City hall and which broadcast live special TV on France 2 on the 117th IOC session. 3 synthetic athletics tracks separated by two strips of sod (also synthetic!) Decorate the ground on which viewers may sit. A group of children do the show for a few minutes. The tension rises when the vote finally starts around 12pm after being slightly delayed by organizational minor incidents.

In the first round, Moscow is the first city eliminated (condolences Irina!), in the second round it is New York (sigh of relief for Paris), in the third round it’s Madrid. Phew, shouts of joy! There are only London and Paris in contention, all hopes are permitted. The fourth round must decide between the last 2 cities. Who from Paris or London will have the great honor of organizing these Games? The question is still asked for more than an hour, verdict at 1:45PM.

I join friends a few meters from where I am, the atmosphere goes up, the excitement is at its height. We have an Englishwoman among us. The cameras are working, trying to find THE picture that will make one if Paris wins. And then suddenly the silence or almost, a few drops of rain begin to fall, then President ROGGE opens the envelope containing the result of the final vote. Catastrophe! ! To our great consternation and despite 3 bids, it is not the name of Paris that comes out of the mouth of the president, but that of London.A great sadness mingled with incomprehension falls on us. Once again we were beaten, would the world of Olympism have forgotten what it owed to its renovator, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, by denying Paris?Let’s be fair with our English friends, and congratulate them for their performance. BRAVO and make us beautiful Games, because whatever, I’ll be in London to attend!

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