2011 Chicago : 17th Collectors’ Fair

2011 Chicago olympic fair logo

Chicago 2011 (USA)

World Olympic Collectors Fair from 08/04 to 08/07/2011

Despite the difficulty of obtaining a few days in great demand during this period, I managed from the time of the fair with my friend Claude. We met in London to take the same flight to Chicago. We arrive late at our hotel.

Wednesday, August 3

The next day, we go to the Convention Center, dedicated primarily to 600 exhibitors about baseball, American football, basketball, hockey and boxing. We have a secluded area of the huge room, strictly reserved for Olympic Collectors. Air conditioning is very strong, and it freezes! I found many American collectors with whom I have already been in touch but I do not know physically. I walk in the aisles of the center still deserted by visitors. Very impressive, baseball cards out of sight. In the evening, with Claude, we start looking for a restaurant. We find one another hotel that suits us. The area, near the airport, is mainly populated by hotels.

Thuesday, August 4

The next day, despite the opening of the fair, visitors do not hurry in our hobby. The opening ceremony is done with Dick Fosbury (Fosbury flop) and Gerhard Heiberg member of the IOC executive board. A temporary post office is installed. Dick Fosbury and Bob Beamon sign autographs (not free).

Friday, August 5

Nothing notable good, a little apart, attendance of our space is minimal. Organized jointly by Olympin Club and SPI (Sports Philatelists International), in association with the American Post which maintained a temporary office offering a souvenir stamp and 2 personalized stamps, one representing the logo of the fair, the other Dick Fosbury, guest of honor.

Saturday, August 6

At night, the gala dinner held at the hotel. Dick Fosbury is present and tells us the story of his jump, the Fosbury flop. The flop comes an anecdote, fishing, when you pull a fish out of water and you put it on the ground, its movements make a noise: flop, flop!

Sunday, August 7

Queues impressive Those wishing to sign objects by stars of baseball or other sports that we are little known, are installed. The evening held an auction of Olympic memorabilia followed by the general assembly of the Olympin Club to which I belong.

Monday, August 8

I come back France, while I let Claude and Vincent some more days in Chicago.

2011/08 Chicago olympic fair

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