2012 Olympia, lighting of the flame

2012 London torch relay logo

Olympia (Greece)

Lighting of the olympic flame for the torch relay of London 2012 on 05/10/2012

After a long drive by car (Mr Michelin does not give us the most direct route!), Claude and me arrive at 2012 Olympia, and we go to our hotel.

The next day, we left our hotel to go to Olympia, where the ceremony will take place for the lighting of the flame. Claude and I recover our accreditations and head to the ancient site. Most of the accredited guests are there, we follow the flow. We pass the guardian of miner’s lamps. Many cameras are on the site in preparation of the television coverage. We will install until the beginning of the ceremony. Some knowed persons are there. After surveying flags (Olympic, UK and Greece), speeches of personalities come and go, followed by exchanges of gifts. Then, restricted to a small committee, the torch lighting is done in the temple of Hera. The priestesses then come back and light the torch of the first relay runner, Spyros Gianniotis. After the release of the dove of peace, the relay can begin and the 1st runner leaps. The ceremony is over and everyone leaves the site.

2012 - Olympia olympic lighting flame

My London 2012 pins doubles

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