2013 Bø : 19th Collectors’ Fair

2013 Bo olympic fair logo

2013 Bø (Norway)

19th World Olympic Collectors Fair from 07/26 to 07/28/2013

 Thursday, July 25

We visit the city of Oslo, climb to the Holmenkollen springboard used during the Games of 1952. We then take the train to 2013 Bø, in the Telemark area. A taxi takes us to the hotel where we are greeted by Halvor, the organizer of the fair.

2013 Oslo / Bø olympic fair 07/25

Friday, July 26

The next day, first day of the 2013 B∅’s fair, a shuttle takes us to the sports hall where the exhibition is held, just next to Sommarland, one of the largest aquatic theme parks in Norway. We install our tables. Of course, many Norwegian made the trip for the occasion, but also Swedish. They are collectors that we are not used to seeing on other international fairs and who took advantage of the proximity of the place for them. The collectors’ fair is coupled with a classic flea market. Some purchases, sales and exchanges later, the day ends.

Saturday, July 27

The second day saw the arrival of a few stragglers. It continues with a silent auction with part of the prizes provided by the Olympic Museum. The evening ends with a gala dinner featuring lobster, crab, grilled salmon, smoked salmon, various meats and desserts.

19th olympic fair 07/26-27

Sunday, July 28

The third day at 2013 B∅ goes off without a hitch. At the end, we take the train back to Oslo.

2013 Oslo / Bø olympic fair 07/28

Monday, July 29

The next day, towards Lillehammer with a rental car. We stop at Hamar to visit the speed skating rink used at the Lillehammer Games in 1994, before continuing to Lillehammer.  We go to the springboard where the opening and closing ceremonies took place, before visiting the city and finding the central street where pin collectors were during the games as well as the Olympic Hall, hockey venue and now home to the Olympic Museum in Norway. On the way back, we stop at Gjøvik to see another Olympic site dug into the rock and housing a hockey rink. We then take the road back to Oslo, in the middle of the fir forests. The next day, return to France.

19th olympic fair 07/29

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