2016 Göteborg : 22th Collectors’ Fair

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2016 Göteborg (Sweden) World Olympic Collectors Fair
from 05/13 to 05/15/2016

This 22nd edition of the Olympic fair takes place in Gothenburg. It is in the company of several French friends that we decide to go there. After arriving at Gothenburg airport on the 12th of May, we reach the city center by bus, then we take a tram to go to the place of the fair and settle in our hotel. We are welcomed by the organizing team who gives us our accreditations and offers us a welcome drink. We are in a sports complex which houses indoor, a soccer field, a cross-country track, handball and volleyball beach. We dine at a nearby restaurant.

2016 Göteborg olympic fair 05/12

The next day, Friday, 1st day of the Olympic fair. The inauguration is being done by the mayor of Gothenburg, who is physically disabled and former Paralympic athlete, David Lega. Swedish organizers brought in former Olympic champions who sign autographs on postcards specially edited for the show and in their name. After the fair, a bus tour is organized to discover the city of Gothenburg, then we return to the hotel for dinner.

 2016 Göteborg olympic fair 05/13

Saturday, 2nd day of fair. At the end of the day, we have the traditional silent auction followed by the banquet, just as traditional with official speeches and a gymnastics show presented by a local club.

2016 Göteborg olympic fair 05/14

Sunday, the last day of the 2016 Göteborg fair. After farewell to various collectors, we return to the center of Gothenburg where we have booked a hotel. We have dinner in town after a discovery walk.

2016 Göteborg olympic fair 05/15

We decided to spend 2 days in tourism to discover the region. This is by ferry as we explore the many islands. We realize that many Swedes live in these islands and come to work in the city. Ferries are frequent enough to allow such whereabouts. We start our visit by the island of Köpstadsö, a small piece of land where the only vehicles are wheelbarrows that allow people to bring their shopping home. No motor vehicle allowed. We take the ferry and descend to Styrsö, an island larger than the previous one. There, motor vehicles are allowed, but no cars, only motorcycles often with a trailer. We climb on the highest point of the island, and have an overview 360 ° on the landscape. We leave again with a ferry, and we arrive at Vrangö, another island that we cross from one side to the other, although the weather has spoiled and refreshed. There is a fishing port. In the evening, we return to Gothenburg where we dine in a restaurant a little out of the way.

2016 Göteborg olympic fair 05/16

The next day is devoted to one last island, that of Brännö. The weather is beautiful. We cross the island from end to end, meet sheep. After a nice ride, we go back to Gothenburg we visit. After a dinner in town, we take a taxi to the airport and a hotel closer, there is no bus at this late hour, and our plane takes off at dawn.

2016 Göteborg olympic fair 05/17

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