2017 Bratislava : 23th Collectors’ Fair

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2017 Bratislava (Slovakia)

23rd World Olympic Collectors Fair from 09/08 to 09/10/2017

After the cancellation of the Olympic Fair that was originally to be held in China, Slovakia is proposing to organize it. Therefore, it is in Bratislava that we go for this 23rd edition. Bratislava is not far from the Austrian border, and we arrive at Vienna airport. We reach the hotel where we are staying and where the fair takes place. It is in the room that welcomes collectors that we are offered a glass of welcome wine. We remain on site for dinner.

23rd olympic fair 09/07

Friday, 8 September

The next day, Friday, begins the first day of the fair. The concept of being hosted in the same place as the event is held is very attractive and keeps all its promises. The baggage comings and goings are greatly facilitated … The hotel is off-center and outside the city, right next to the airport. However, visitors / collectors made the trip. After the end of the day, we went by bus to the center of Bratislava. We start with a visit to the city museum which hosts a temporary Olympic exhibition. then we climb into the little train that is reserved for us to tour the city through all strategic and key locations including Bratislava Castle overlooking the city. We are then released, and go to dinner in the old town. The streets are lively and we meet many young people, often disguised.

2017 Bratislava olympic fair 09/08

Saturday, 9 September

On Saturday, day 2 of the fair, Slovak athletes were invited by the organizers for an autograph session. In the morning, an AICO meeting is organized with the different members of the philatelic, numismatic, library and memorabilia committees. At the end of the day, a silent auction takes place, the highlight is the sale of a torch 1992 Barcelona bought by the President of the Slovak Olympic Committee. This auction is followed by the banquet, which we do not attend. We go to town where we find a restaurant.

23rd olympic fair 09/09

Sunday, 10 September

On Sunday, the third day of the 2017 Bratislava fair, a new meeting with AICO takes place in the morning. Each of the chairs of the various committees makes a brief summary of the progress of the work. The fair ends. A little later, in the afternoon, the members of the pin’s committee meet in the presence of AICO’s President and Vice President. We end the day with a dinner together at the hotel restaurant. The next morning, when most of the exhibitors are gone, a final pin committee meeting is held to present the findings of the work started. The departure takes place in the afternoon after a last meal together.

2017 Bratislava olympic fair 09/10

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