Authorized dealers

According to the Official Report of the XVI Olympic Winter Games in Albertville and Savoie, nine companies have received license status authorizing them to sell products with the emblems and the logo of the Games. Among these, Servia (crockery and accessories), the only one to publish pins, but also Sportswear 92 (textiles), Logitoys (mass production of the mascot, toys, bags, and canvas accessories), Editions André (postcards), Opinel (knives), Monnaie de Paris (coins and medals), Flamagas (lighters and watches), Tefal (raclette sets).


Catering and hospitality supplies.

The rights accorded
The trademarks
The contracts for the authorized dealers concerned the use of
several official trademarks, the main ones being the official logo
and the mascot of the Albertville Games. Some contracts also
concerned other trademarks, such as the logos of the French
team (the cock and the Olympic rings,) the Club Coubertin,
Youth of the World (Jeunesse du Monde), and Team 92 (Equipe
92). COJO accorded to each dealer the exclusive right, in its
product area, to manufacure and sell products bearing the
Olympic trademark.
In order to promote their company, dealers were authorized
to apply to themselves the title of ‘manufacturer and/or distributor
approved by the organizing committee of the Sixteenth Winter
Olympic Games’. The advertising rights were strictly limited
to the use of this phrase to describe the company. Dealers could,
under no circumstances whatsoever, use the official insignia in
advertising their product, nor link their logo or trademark to
those of COJO. The products should bear no mark identifying
the manufacturer, except where legally required.

© Official Report of the XVIth Olympic Winter Games of Albertville and Savoie, 1992, page 250