2000 Sydney Summer Olympic Games

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2000 Sydney (Australia)

XXVIIth Olympic Summer Games from 09/15 to 10/01/2000

Arriving on 09/12/2000 in Australian land. A mythical country, a very beautiful city, Australia and Sydney have conquered me. My first week of stay takes place in a youth hostel, category 4 star (the must), in the center of 2000 Sydney. On the 13th and 14th of September, I’m going to discover the city.

2000 Sydney - Olympic Games - 09/12.13.14

Day 0 – Opening Ceremony – September 15

It is in the company of my brother-in-law, Frédéric, that I explore the city. Many street events attract the curiosity of the public. We go to the Opera Square, near which is installed triathlon site.

2000 Sydney - Olympic Games - 09/15

Day 1 – September 16

Visit of the city and its attractions. Pins trading at Darling Harbour.

2000 Sydney - Olympic Games - 09/16

Day 2 – September 17

I attend the final of the women’s epee at Exhibition Center. Laura Flessel-Colovic qualified for the 1/2 finals.

2000 Sydney - Olympic Games - 09/17

Day 3 – September 18

After a trip to town, place at a qualifying handball match between Cuba and Russia, at Olympic Park, Pavilion 2.

2000 Sydney - Olympic Games - 09/18

Day 4 – September 19

Day stroll on Circular Quay and pins trading at Darling Harbour.

2000 Sydney Olympic Games - 09/19

Day 6 – September 21

Fencing is at the program of the day, with women’s foil and men’s saber.

2000 Sydney - Olympic Games - 09/21

Day 7 – September 22

Pins trading in Darling Harbour, then Judo finals, women +70 kg and men +100 kg.

2000 Sydney Olympic Games - 09/22

Day 8 – September 23

Handball for today with the Women’s Qualification Match, France – Angola.

2000 Sydney Olympic Games 09/23

Day 12 – September 27

Trading pins in Darling Harbour and walk in town.

2000 Sydney Olympic Games 09/27

Day 15 – September 30

Pins trading in Darling Harbour with my Russian and Canadian friends.

2000 Sydney Olympic Games 09/30

Day 16 – 1st October, closing ceremony

Walking in Darling Harbour  

2000 Sydney Olympic Games 10/01

After the Olympic Games

Visit of the Sydney Aquarium with my friends Marc and Irina on October 2nd. Parade of Australian athletes on October 3rd in George Street. On October 4th, visit the animal park Doonside (Featherdale Wildlife Park) with Jean-Pierre and Marc. On October 5th, parade volunteers in George Street and return to France.

2000 Sydney, post-Olympic days

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