2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games

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2008 Beijing (China)

XXIXth Olympic Summer Games from 08/08 to 08/26/2008

Arrived the day before for 2008 Beijing via Guangzhou after a long stop, my friends Pascal and Claude are there to await me, but bad surprise, my luggage did not follow. After the formalities of complaint, we leave the airport by taxi to my lodging. I am accomodated by an Chinese couple speaking only their language. The dialogue is a little complicated! After the presentations and my installation, I set out again to the center of Beijing with my friends, a very close subway station facilitates the task to us. We eat downtown and a little later time we go to our own place of stay.

Day 0 – Opening Ceremony – 8 August

The following day, day of opening ceremony, I spend my day in various formalities and I recover my luggage with the airport, then I return to the apartment, just in time to see the ceremony at the television.

2008 Pékin - Beijing Jeux Olympiques 07-08/08

Day 1 – 9 August

I make knowledge with the city. The access to the Olympic park of 2008 Beijing requires a ticket, as I don’t have one, it will be for an other day.

2008 Pékin - Beijing Jeux Olympiques 09/08

Day 2 – 10 August

I go to Olymphilex where is a Coca-Cola trading center, a philatelic exposure, various exhibitors of the foreign post offices and the exposure of the Olympic museum with a complete presentation of the torches of summer and winter, as well as medals of winners and posters of the olympic games. A torrential storm starts a little later.

2008 Pékin - Beijing Jeux Olympiques 10/08

Day 3 – 11 August

I leave to visit the house of British Columbia. I find there the souvenir shop of 2010 Vancouver. I buy there that which I need before setting out again towards the place Tian’anmen to admire the floral decorations installed for the time of the gamess. After I goes to find the park of Chaoyang where a Cola-Cole trading center is. After a little walk, I end up discovering it. I have found there Claude, installed for a few hours and enchanted his trading. To closing, we leave together in search a restaurant opened tardily, very few are open after 9pm30, and we finish to go to Mac Donald. Closing time of the subway having been delayed due to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

2008 Pékin - Beijing Jeux Olympiques 11/08

Day 4 – 12 August

I go to the Club France located at Novotel Qingxiao and I hope to see Marc. After a few minutes, I see him. I join him and we exchange our last information. No accreditation for me. I find a volunteer, Regine, for the Club France, I had met her in Torino. By chance, some places for judo are distributed for the VIP, 2 are always available and we are candidate with Marc. We will attend the 1/2 finales and finale in judo -63kg for which Lucie Decosse is qualified. We are taken along directly on the stadium by a bus chartered for the CNOSF. Impossible to find a program on the stadium, Bocog did not make any. We return in the stadium, we are among French, environment is boosted. Lucie gains her 1/2 finale and is qualified for the match for the gold medal. Unfortunately, she lost her match by ippon against her adversary Japanese woman. A silver medal for her. We set out again with the bus. Marc will try to make sign our tickets. We separate and I return after dining.

2008 Pékin - Beijing Jeux Olympiques 12/08

Day 5 – 13 August

Marc did not await me at Club France. I go to Olympex, but no more ticket available for today. I go to the Coca-Cola trading center of Chaoyang Park to make trade there. I find Michel whom I had not seen yet. Pascal join me a little time later, followed by Claude. To closing, we leave to eat in a restaurant which I located, still opened at these late hours. We separate then.

2008 Pékin - Beijing Jeux Olympiques 13/08

Day 6 – 14 August

Today, nothing particular. It is raining all the day, and I stay in the appartment.

Day 7 – 15 August

I go directly to Olympex to make my customized postcards, I must wait. After, I go to the Coca-Cola pin trading. I sit on a table and I trade. I’m leaving a little later for the Club France where I met Régine, a French volunteer aged 78 years met in Torino. I talk a moment with her. Then, I returned to the apartment.

2008 Pékin / Beijing Jeux Olympiques 15/08

Day 8 – 16 August

I go to Olympex at 9AM. The trading is starting. I meet Antoni Papio an andorran collector with his wife. Later, Irina is coming. We go together to Chaoyang park, the Coca-Cola trading center. We can get 2 tables and we stay to the closing of the park. After, we go to the russian press club. We are waiting for the women fencing team which won the gold medal just somme hours before. They made a conference press and we can take some good pictures and autographs. After, we go to the dinner banquet organized in the near room. It is extraordinary, as usual with the russian people.

2008 Pékin / Beijing Jeux Olympiques 16/08

Day 9 – 17 August

I go to the Olympic Park 2008 Beijing. Irina give me a ticket yesterday for a free entrance. It is very big, I see the “bird nest” stadium very near. It is impressive! and also the water cube where are the swimming races. The superstore is very big, but without more different items than in the other stores. I go out and I join Chaoyang Park where is Michel.

2008 Pékin / Beijing Jeux Olympiques 17/08

Day 10 – 18 August

I go to Olympex, it is the last day of the exposition. I meet Marc, we go together at the post office to send our postcards, and after to Club france. I follow Marc to his room near the Club France, Jean-Pierre is here. After, I leave them and I go to eat, then I comeback to the appartment.

Day 11 – 19 August

I go to the Club France to contact some friends by phone with a wi-fi connection. In the afternoon, I go to Chaoyang Park for trade pins. I join my friends and i eat with them before to comeback to the appartment.

Day 12 – 20 August

I must leave my appartment in 2 days. I go with Claude to the MPC for trade media pins. We meet Toni and Irina. I am interviewed by a belgium radio. We stay here and we leave with fallen the night. We go to Tian’anmen place and to Mc Do of Wangfujing for our meal.

2008 Pékin / Beijing Jeux Olympiques 20/08

Day 13 – 21 August

It is a quiet day, just a short display to Club France where I can see Bernard Laporte, Stéphane Diagana and more people.

2008 Pékin / Beijing Jeux Olympiques 21/08

Day 14 – 22 August

Today, I leave the appartment to join Claude and other friends in an other appartment in the North of Beijing. After my installation, we go to Chaoyang park for trade pins. With closing, we go to Club France where I can enter with the help of Claude. I visit the media center with radios and TV. We stay a moment at the bar before comeback to the appartment.

2008 Pékin / Beijing Jeux Olympiques 22/08

Day 15 – 23 August

With Claude, I go to Chaoyang Park, we remain until closing and after we go to Club France. I can enter inside with a daily pass. I meet Marc, the bar is closed early. We leave the Club France to join pascal and alain at the Mc Do near the appartment.

2008 Pékin / Beijing Jeux Olympiques 23/08

Day 16 – Closing Ceremony – 24 August

The handball french team is qualified for the final, but unfortunately, we cannot get tickets to see them. I go to the Club France to see the closing ceremony at the TV. Later I join Regine to the bar, Claude come with us a little bit later with 2 students. The handball french team is here to celebrate his gold medal. A great moment! It is the end of these games, see you in London 2012!

2008 Pékin / Beijing Jeux Olympiques 24/08

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