Summer Olympic Games Tickets from 1900 to now

Each ticket issued during the Olympic Games is a piece of history, we find there, with a few exceptions (Paris 1900, St Louis 1904), the reference of the Olympiad, the place and the date of the event in a systematic way . Over time, the design of these tickets has changed a lot.

Paris 1900 (France)

St Louis 1904 (USA)

Stockholm 1912 (Sweden)

Paris 1924 (France)

Amsterdam 1928 (Netherlands)

Los Angeles 1932 (USA)

Berlin 1936 (Germany)

London 1948 (United Kingdom)

Helsinki 1952 (Finland)

Melbourne 1956 (Australia)

Stockholm 1956 (Sweden)

Rome 1960 (Italy)

Tokyo 1964 (Japan)

Mexico 1968 (Mexico)

Munich 1972 (Germany)

Montreal 1976 (Canada)

Moscow 1980 (USSR)

Los Angeles 1984 (USA)

Seoul 1988 (Korea)

Barcelona 1992 (Spain)

Atlanta 1996 (USA)

Sydney 2000 (Australia)

Athens 2004 (Greece)

Beijing 2008 (China)

London 2012 (United Kingdom)

Rio 2016 (Brazil)

List of tickets that are still missing from my collection