Winter Olympic Mascots : from 1968 to now

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Grenoble 1968 (France), Shuss

Innsbruck 1976 (Austria), Scheenmandl

Lake Placid 1980 (USA), Roni the racoon

Sarajevo 1984 (Yugoslavia), Vučko the wolf

Calgary 1988 (Canada), Hidy and Howdy, the bears

Albertville 1992 (France), Magic the elf

Lillehammer 1994 (Norway), Kristin the princess and Hakon the prince

Nagano 1998 (Japan), Sukki, Nokki, Lekki and Tsukki the owls

Salt Lake City 2002 (USA), Copper the coyote, Coal the black bear and Powder the hare

Torino 2006 (Italy), Gliz the ice cube and Neve the snowball

Vancouver 2010 (Canada), Miga the sea bear, Quatchi the sasquatch and Mukmuk the marmot friend of the mascots

Sochi 2014 (Russia), the hare, the leopard and the polar bear

PyeongChang 2018, Soohorang the white tiger