2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games

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2016 Rio (Brazil)

XXXIth Olympic Summer Games from 08/05 to 08/21/2016

Day -1 – 4 Août

Hardly the foot on Brazilian soil, once recovered our apartment, we are hunting for our accreditations 2016 Rio issued by Coca-Cola and the Rio Media Center. The evening is already falling, we walk on the side of the Olympic Boulevard, old docks rehabilitated.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/04

Day 0 – Opening Ceremony – 5 August

After a refueling necessary at the beginning of the stay, we go to Club France located not far from us. We enter easily with our accreditation, however, we will have to validate it to return without problem. The Paris 2024 bid is present with a stand, as well as other sponsors, such as Lacoste, Air France, MAIF … RMC, Canal + and France TV are there as broadcasters of the Games. President Hollande announced a visit to the Club France. At the end of the afternoon, we go in reconnaissance to the Olympic Park, before returning to our appartment.

2016 Olympic Games 08/05

Day 1 – 6 August

Discovery of the 2016 Rio Olympic Park, invited by Coca-Cola for a welcome coffee. Meet with other collectors that we know for a long time for the most part. We spend most of our day at the Coca-Cola pin trading center. Brazilians discover this activity.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/06

Day 2 – 7 August

Today, we discover the Media Center where we find some well-known collectors. Marc, a collector friend, works as a volunteer and has been assigned to the VIP entrance of the MPC. Thanks to him, I can go inside, but nothing extraordinary, as for the rest, it is reduced to the strict minimum, economic situation obliges. At noon, we are invited to eat by a Brazilian collector, then beach volleyball session in Copacabana. The site, located on the beach is beautiful. We attend 4 matches, 2 with women, 2 with men.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/07

Day 3 – 8 August

No competition scheduled for today. It will be a day of pin trading. We go to the Media Center, then join the Coca-Cola pin trading to recover the table we selected. In the evening, we make a little tour at Club France.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/08

Day 4 – 9 August

Today, we go to Deodoro to attend matches of rugby 7. In this version of rugby, the game is very intense, playing times are extremely short, the tries are very numerous. After the matches are over, we return to the Olympic Park for a Coca-Cola pin-trading session.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/09

Day 5 – 10 August

Archery day. We are going to the Sambodrome which is the archery site during the Games. The rain begins to fall. The atmosphere is nice. Brief meeting with Pierre Plihon, one of our French archers, unfortunately already eliminated from the individual tournament.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/10

Day 6 – 11 August

Claude leaves from his side at the 2016 Rio Olympic Park, while I go to Rio Media Center. A little later, I go to the Club France where I meet Tony Estanguet, the president of the bid of Paris 2024. I attend the presentation of the bronze medalists of the day, Matthieu Peche and Gauthier Klauss, canoe slalom doubles.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/11

Day 7 – 12 August

Thanks to Marc, I benefit from the media update card that allows me to enter in the Media Center. Shortly after, I join Claude at the Coca-Cola pin trading center, then we go to see a basketball session. We return then making a passage by the Club France where several medals are celebrated, including judo with Teddy Riner and Emilie Andeol.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/12

Day 8 – 13 August

Tennis session today. Claude leaves before. In a first time I attended a women’s match for the gain of the bronze medal. Then I manage to get on the central venue of the single men’s final between Del Potro (Argentina) and Raphael Nadal (Spain). It is Del Potro who wins the very hung match and the gold medal at the same time. The matches ended, I join the pin trading center Coca-Cola where I find Claude and a little later, a friend from France came with his family.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/13

Day 9 – 14 August

We go to the US house where is a shop to buy pins. Then we continue to the Olympic Park for a trading session pins at Coca-Cola.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/14

Day 10 – 15 August

Busy day with volleyball on the program, followed by athletics. A wonderful evening with a fabulous pole vault competition, even though our French champion, Renaud Lavillenie, just missed the gold medal against a Brazilian athlete who managed to transcend for a perfect jump at the right time.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/15

Day 11 – 16 August

Visit at Copacabana where is a superstore. Collectors-sellers of pins are installed in front. I continue to the Olympic Park and go to the Media Center. I go inside to join the Post Office and make some shipments for friends.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/16

Day 12 – 17 August

Departure for the Media Center, then I enter in the Olympic Park and attend a handball match between Germany and Qatar. Then go to the pin trading center for an pin trading session.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/17

Day 13 – 18 August

Our initial intention is to go to the NBA house located on the Olympic Boulevard. As we see the Olympic flame, I decide to get closer to it. The crowd is dense and we give up going to the NBA House. We are going to the Olympic Park for a new pin trading session.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/18

Day 14 – 19 August

Session of pin trading at the Olympic Park, then passage by the post office at the Media Center for some sendings, before leaving and making a detour by Club France where I meet our beautiful silver medalist in discus throw, Melina Robert -Michon.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/19

Day 15 – 20 August

Departure to the Olympic Park, I find Mark at the Media Center. We eat together. Then I go to the Coca-Cola pin trading center, and I go back to the Media Center and post office for the last postage.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/20

Day 16 – Closing Ceremony – 21 August

In the morning, Coca-Cola pin trading session before returning to Club France. Then departure for the Maracana stadium to attend the closing ceremony. The weather is stormy. It rains during the passage of the security and we are not sheltered. The organization is in the image of these Games, deficient! Finding the program of the ceremony is an obstacle course, the volunteers are unable to indicate anything. Nevertheless, the ceremony is beautiful and colorful. In 4 years, in Tokyo, the Games will certainly be organized masterfully.

2016 Rio Olympic Games 08/21

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