2019 Warsaw : 25th Collectors’ Fair

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Warsaw 2019 (Poland)

25th World Olympic Collectors Fair from 05/23 to 05/26/2019

2019 Warsaw. It is in honor of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Polish Olympic Committee that the 25th Olympic Fair is organized in Warsaw, 10 years after the one held in 2009, already to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the institution.

Thursday, May 23

After our friends have joined us at the hotel, we take bus 185, not far from there, and the direction of the Olympic Center, to receive our badges, bags of goodies and table seating for the fair. Around 17h, we reach the 3rd floor of the Olympic Center where the museum is held. The organizer, Roman Babut, presents his philatelic work on a part of the Olympic history unknown, the organization of Games during the Second World War, in the Polish prison camps, between 1940 and 1944. This presentation is followed by a friendly drink, a bus chartered for the occasion then brings us back to our hotel. We dine there, our newly arrived friends being too tired to go to town.

Friday, May 24

It is at dawn, after a hearty breakfast, that we settle down with our well-loaded luggage, in the bus that leads us to the Olympic Center, to begin these 3 days of long-awaited Olympic fair. This is not to lose time, once arrived, the tables fill with material, and we start with a tour of exhibitors, history do not miss anything of the desired piece that could drag! The rows between the tables are a little tight and it jostles a little, but nothing unacceptable! it is at 17h that the bus takes us back to the hotel, which we leave quickly because of silent auction. A small appetizer is served to us, while the auction time is skewed and the excitement of the bidders rises.

2019 Warsaw Olympic Fair 05/24

Saturday, May 25

2nd day of fair, a little quieter than the last, after the euphoria of the first day. At 12 o’clock, the first film identified recounting the unfolding of the intercalated Games of 1906, not recognized Olympic by the IOC, is presented by a Greek collector. We are honored by the presence of Mr Haris Vasilakos, grandson of the winner of the 1st marathon in history, at the Panhellenic Games of 1896, Harilaos Vasilakos, who also came second behind Spiridon Louis, during the marathon race of the 1896 summer Olympic Games. At 19h, the traditional banquet takes place on the terrace of the Moonsfera restaurant. We decided not to go, cooled by the prohibitive cost of the meal and prefer to choose ourselves our restaurant in the center of Warsaw.

2019 Warsaw Olympic Fair 05/25

Sunday, May 26

Last day of fair. Participant diplomas are given to all exhibitors by Roman Babut and his assistant. The fair ends in the early afternoon, while many exhibitors have already left the room. We enjoy the afternoon we have left to go on foot and visit the city and some of its monuments.

2019 Warsaw Olympic Fair 05/26

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